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Frequently Asked QuestionsSome of the most common questions we are asked on a daily basis.

General Clearwave Solutions Info

What does Clearwave Solutions do?

Clearwave Solutions is a leader of WiFi networks for the apartment, hospitality and small business industries.  Our turnkey solution includes equipment, installation, dedicated internet lines, custom marketing program and ongoing 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and technical support.

How do the Clearwave Solutions Wi-Fi networks work?

Clearwave Solutions creates a wireless network throughout your business or community by transmitting a wireless signal to the user. In rental communities, hotels or spatially large environments we utilize a mesh topology that can spread a wireless signal from corner to corner. The user then receives a login page (captive portal) where they can enter in a voucher code (if required) to initiate an Internet connection.


What operating system are supported on your Wi-Fi network?

Any machine or device which supports TCP/IP should work. This included all Windows and Apple variants as well as gaming systems, etc. Devices that cannot authenticate past the login screen, such as the Xbox 360, can call customer support to have their device bypass authentication on the network. Technical support for older systems is not provided.

How often do you have downtime and what is your response time during an outage?

Your uptime is generally designated by what type of Internet line we provide at your community.  We can provided a fail-safe backup Internet circuit to support the main circuit if needed. Clearwave Solutions networks are monitored on a 7x24x365 basis. Network engineers are notified of outages immediately and can usually begin implementing a fix before the customer has a chance to contact us.

What devices can connect?

Any WiFi enabled device such as laptop and desktop computers, tablets and readers, cell phones, and gaming consoles can connect to the WiFi network.

How many devices can use the network at once?

Our networks are designed to allow hundreds of simultaneous users, and on our larger networks, up to thousands of users at a time.

Is this connection secure?

Yes. The connection encryption varies between locations, but even our networks without encryption or passwords have security enabled where your data is safe from other users on the network.

Can I setup a home network on this connection?

Unfortunately, the security enabled on these shared amenity services do not allow for communication between devices, such as network/wireless printers or other devices. This is for the protection of personal data and internet security.

What can I do if speeds are slow?

Internet speed can vary due to a multitude of reasons such as signal strength, packet loss or network usage.  If your speeds are low, please be sure to check that you have adequate signal when testing.  If you are having issues, please call or text our Team at 520-777-0655 Option 2 for additional support.

How do I increase my signal?

If you signal is low, try moving to another location in the apartment in order to increase it. The best reception is usually near windows in the apartment, or in some cases, closer to the doors in the hallway.  We also have an optional booster that may be purchased.  If the signal is too low to connect, our Support Team can assist in creating a stronger signal so please call or text them at 520-777-0655 Option 2.

My connection requires a password, how do I find it?

The leasing office of your community will hold the password for your network.  Please contact them for this information.

Connecting Additional Devices

How do I connect a WiFi enabled device that does not have a web browser?

Devices such as Smart TV’s, Video players (Apple TV, Roku, Amazon TV, etc.) can connect to the network, but need to be placed on a specific list to authorize the connection without use of the welcome screen. You will need to locate the devices MAC or physical address to register this on the network. This is usually located on a sticker on the device, or in the device settings/information screen.

Does your system support Gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and Wii?

Yes, our network will support these devices, though gaming experiences may vary due to the data speeds and signal of the device.  Some devices need to be authorized on the network in order to function properly.  Please find the MAC address of the device and call, text, or email us your device information.  Include you property name, unit number, and the MAC address.  

Can I connect my Wireless Printer on the network?

No. Our system’s security does not allow communication to these devices inside the network.

Other Programs and Services

Does your connection allow use of VPN?

This will vary based upon the setting of the VPN connection. Most VPN services should work unless you require the connection to have an encryption (i.e. WEP, WPA, etc.).  On occasion, companies will require this when setting up a VPN connection.

Can I use a remote desktop service?

Many third party software series such as LogMeIn or Join.me will work on the network.  However, if your remote desktop service requires a static IP address, it will not work properly on the network.

Do video chat services and Skype work with on the network?

Yes. Our access works like any other high speed broadband access giving you access to Web services worldwide.

Can I purchase a dedicated Static IP address?

No. Our services run on a dynamic IP address system and static IP addresses are not available.

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