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Managed Wi-Fi for Apartments, Hospitality, and Small Business

Providing fast, reliable, and affordable Internet Solutions


We’ve created solutions specifically for the rental market to provide quality, reliable and scalable networks. We engineer our networks to solve problems associated with high traffic networks.
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We are experts at creating cost-effective and reliable WiFi systems for the hospitality market. Our networks conform to most hospitality franchise regulations.
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Small Business

We have solutions for small businesses that are looking for WiFi coverage over a large area. We can cover your entire office, warehouse, outdoor area, etc. using our customized WiFi technology.
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Features of a Clearwave Solutions Powered Network

We’ve created solutions specifically for the rental housing market to provide quality, reliable and scalable Wi-Fi networks.

Cost Effective

Your network should work without having to break the bank. We work hard to provide reasonable pricing to all of our customers...

End Network Abuse

Our service sets upload and download speed limits for each user so there is equal bandwidth available to everyone on...

History Reports

How is the network being utilized? How many of your residents are using the connection? These are questions we receive...

Customer Support

We undertand that your front desk or leasing office is not technical support, nor should they try to fill that...

Proven Reliability

Our cloud based servers live in Amazon’s secure and reliable EC2 data centers. Our onsite hardware also has a built-in...

Safe and Secure

Clearwave Solutions is perfect for environments where security is paramount: no user traffic is sent to our cloud servers and...

Access Control

With the built-in Clearwave captive portal, we can setup user authentication, set pay-for-use options (such as secure credit card payments...

Your Network

You control the user experience from the moment a guest, resident or customer connects to your network. We can design...

Word is getting out. Our clients are raving.

Apartments, HOA, and Multi-Tenant Managed WiFi

What do your renters want?

Todays renters are tech savvy, mobile and always connected.  At the top of their list when shopping for a place to live is provided WiFi services at the property.  They don’t want to be restricted to their apartments.  They want coverage everywhere in the property whether they are at the gym, outside, or by the pool.  WiFi has become as important an amenity as any other utility and continues to be the #1 ranked amenity for apartment renters. Clearwave Solutions designs and deploys managed WiFi network for apartments and most multi-tenant applications.

Hotels, Motels, and Hospitality

What do your guests want?

Your guests expect WiFi and they want it to be reliable. As a manager of the hospitality industry you want to deliver, but the cost must be reasonable. Clearwave Solutions is currently hosting solutions in many top branded hotels and motels. Most of the time our upfront equipment cost to the customer is completed waived. This means a free installation of enterprise grade wireless hardware engineered to your unique location. Our monthly service fees for monitoring, support, and hardware replacement is very cost-effective.  Clearwave Solutions designs and deploys managed WiFi network for hotels, motels, and the hospitality industry. Our streamlined approach allows for a quick and clean installation followed by stellar service and support.

Let us help you discover success.We want your network to be successful. Let us show you how.

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Providing fast, reliable, and affordable Internet Solutions