Proven Reliability

Our cloud based servers live in Amazon’s secure and reliable EC2 data centers. Our onsite hardware also has a built-in fail-over, so when an Internet circuit goes offline there is a backup Internet circuit ready to take over. This type of redundancy gives our network a healthy 99.9% uptime. In the event a hardware device were to fail and needs to be replaced or serviced our cloud based servers inform us immediately.

Safe and Secure

Clearwave Solutions is perfect for environments where security is paramount: no user traffic is sent to our cloud servers and a built-in firewall prevents users on the public network from seeing each other or your wired network by default. For more security, protect one or both SSIDs with a WPA key and hide either from broadcasting. Although we take steps to keep your connection secure our team always recommends a proper anti-virus software suite be installed.

Access Control

With the built-in Clearwave captive portal, we can setup user authentication, set pay-for-use options (such as secure credit card payments through PayPal), generate voucher codes on the fly with Lobby Assistant, or connect to a third-party advertising platform. We understand that every network we service is unique and must be designed in a way to compliment the requirements of your community.

Your Network

You control the user experience from the moment a guest, resident or customer connects to your network. We can design a page from scratch to coordinate with the look and feel your business or website. You can also redirect users to a page of your choosing once they click to enter. This is a great way to let your guests, residents or customers know that you are providing them with a valuable service.

Cost Effective

Your network should work without having to break the bank. We work hard to provide reasonable pricing to all of our customers and will make every effort to work within your budget to design the service you desire.

End Network Abuse

Our service sets upload and download speed limits for each user so there is equal bandwidth available to everyone on the network. This feature, coupled with our world-class bandwidth shaping technology, ensures that there is enough speed for everyone. Moreover, our network technicians constantly monitor bandwidth consumption and bandwidth availability.

History Reports

How is the network being utilized? How many of your residents are using the connection? These are questions we receive from time-to-time on all of our networks. At anytime a Clearwave engineer can put together a traffic and usage report for your community. This report will detail all usage in the community and can be requested in weekly and monthly increments.

Customer Support

We undertand that your front desk or leasing office is not technical support, nor should they try to fill that role. Our IT staff is available from 9AM-5PM Monday thru Friday to field any technical questions. This frees your office from the burden of troubleshooting guest and resident computers. We also have an after-hours support line available to all our clients in order to report after-hours emergencies or outages.